Dragonlance - Age of Might

Test of High Sorcery for Hogan Wolfkeeper

Forging of a Dark Wizard

Test of High Sorcery for Hogan Wolfkeeper.

The Test is conducted at Telic Keep during the night, the wizard is not aware the Test is occurring.

First encounter is believed by the Mage to have occurred weeks before. In this scene Hogan meets with Jeffrey the Red, his private instructor, who informs him that a wizard from the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas has arrived to see him for a pre Test evaluation. This is a Red Robe Wizard named Antimones who confronts the wizard with tests of knowledge and skill in an academic-type environment. First scene was actually played out during the first session of the campaign.

Next scene is a test of Morality and was played out during the second session of the campaign. Imp on a rope—Black robe Darhin, apprentice to Kiladast, master of the Black Robes, brings the messenger imp from the first session on an enchanted leash. On this leash the Imp may not attack, flee, or use its abilities. He is brought under the pretense that Kiladast is furious with his servant for causing problems for the young wizard and is granting the initiate wizard an opportunity for vengeance. Wizard has untill sunrise to deal with the Imp as desired. He brings in his brother, both of whom proceed to torture and eventually dispatch the imp. This second scene was actually played out during the second session of the campaign.

Final scene tests devotion to the Orders of High Sorcery versus devotion to family. This scene plays out at Telic Keep. Within the Test the wizard’s younger sister, Brielle, comes to keep and displays wild sorcery. Retreating to her quarters, Wolfkeeper brothers follow. Darhin returns as an inquisitor to destroy this wild-magic user. After negotiating with Darhin, the Wizard agrees to slay her. Approaching for an embrace to console the frightened girl he impales her with a dagger instead. Standing over her body, the body of her governess, and the the body of his fallen brother (believed killed by Darhin) the wizard faces guards breaking down the door to the girl’s room. Arrested, he is taken to the castle dungeon to await trial. Utilizing his position as a noble, the lordling is prepared to utilize his family name and his status as a noble to escape prosecution.

Test concludes as Darhin and Antimones approach the wizard’s cell to review his situation and reasoning. He passes the Test of High Sorcery earning his Black Robes. He is allowed special dispensation to continue aiding his brother in his quest instead of immediately reporting for apprenticeship.

Session 3 began immediately following the conclusion of the test.


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