Dragonlance - Age of Might

Session 8

Her Majesty's Response, Knights Elevated

Political Fallout Begins

During the party’s final trek into the moors the content of the letters released to the Knightly councils spread quickly. Kalwin LonThear, the Queen’s most trusted advisor, produced documents recently seized and deciphered detailing a plot by the Wolfkeeper family to discredit her majesty’s throne in an effort to seize it for themselves. The throne calls in her generals and advisors to deal with this plot.

Count Highsteed, Lord of the Rose, is dispatched with a sizable force to crush the Wolfkeepers. Quickly surrounding the castles within the March a siege begins. Highsteed, ever faithful to the measure with no desire to see Solamnic blood shed, grants entreats with them for a gracious surrender.

A smaller force under Marshall Truewolf is dispatched to locate the knights in the party and the original forged (per the throne) documents alleging a plot of the Queen or her agents to commit regicide during the War of Bones.

Party returns to Telic Keep to meet with a knightly council led by Marshall Steelward, who is also a neighboring baron to Telicton. The council knights, upon viewing the original documents, are convinced of their legitimacy but have it verified by a trusted steward. Party Knights are allowed to announce the completion of their respective quests, Khanaan Wolfkeeper is thus elevated to the Order of the Rose while Murray Redhawk is promoted to Subcaptain within the Order of the Sword.

With the arrival of the Queen’s forces under Truewolf, the minotaur Faros attempts to cause discord amongst the knightly ranks, in order to cause war. Lurking within the town of Telicton he secretly shoots one of the Truewolf parlay messengers with arrow. Later in the conflict he discretely assaults both the Truewolf camp and Telic Keep with alchemist fire.

In response to the arrow attack on the messenger, the cleric-knight Murray Redhawk travels alone into the enemy camp for parlay. This is respected and he discusses the situation and pending conflict with the enemy commander. Offering to turn himself over to the Truewolf forces in an effort to avoid bloodshed, he is instructed that such a surrender can not be accepted as he is there under a flag of truce. He returns to Telic Keep with the results of his Parlay and announces he intends to surrender himself to the opposing army.

The black robe wizard, Hogan Wolfkeeper, is visited by his master in a dreamscape and instructed to remain with the party, serving as his master’s eyes and ears during the struggles.

The dwarf,Raynor, heads to Itzan Kertal to sell the party’s loot from the Dark Temple and to raise mercenary forces to aid in the coming conflict. He is eventually joined briefly by the minotaur, Faros, who shortly returns to Telic Keep.

The monk, Marsk, travels to the Wolfkeeper lands, later followed by the Wizard Hogan Wolfkeeper, to see to the state of the besieged March. There they discover the Blackwolf family is organizing a counterattack within the Dark Wood along the eastern border of the March.

The knight-paladin, Khanaan Wolfkeeper, travels along the Sageway recruiting noble houses to their cause. Eventually he returns to Telic Keep.

Murray Redhawk surrenders himself to the forces of Marshall Truewolf who sits outside of Telic Keep. He does this in an effort to promote peace and to speak with the Queen’s court. He is presented to the court and, remaining defiant, does not take an offer to renounce the Wolfkeeper family and the legitimacy of the found documents. Redhawks is escorted to a palace tower to await judgement by knightly tribunal. Before such a tribunal is called, Lonthear offers him a confession to sign that is refused. Loather then has the knight dragged into the dungeons for torture and interrogation.


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