Dragonlance - Age of Might

Session 7

Quests Fulfilled, Victory Over the Dark Queen's Followers

The Dark Temple of Schalland Moors

Knights of Solamnia inform the local garrison commander, Knightly Circle at Xak Tsaroth, the High Justice, and High Clerist in writing of the treasonous letter implicating regicide during the War of Bones. Before responses arrive, party heads out into the moors to complete the quest.

Heading along western border of the moors the party enters along its northern margin, en route to the kobold lair. Encountering the kobolds along a river they offer parlay that is accepted. Proffering a deal to aid the kobolds in releasing the captive wyverns in the Dark Temple, the kobolds agree to guide the party through the tribe’s secret tunnels into the caverns beneath the temple.

Arriving in the temple tunnels, the party quickly free the Wyverns then proceeds to storm the temple from within. A pitched battle with Clay Golems weakens the party, who eventually clear out the bulk of the elite guards and acolytes. A final confrontation with the High Priest and Dark Knight of Takhisis leads to party victory.

Slaves are freed, Temple complex looted, party and caravan head west out of the moors then south, towards Telicton.


ShadowGriffon ShadowGriffon

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