Dragonlance - Age of Might

Session 6

Undead Unpleasantness

The Necromancer’s Tower

Party assaults the Necromancer’s Tower. An apprentice to Salius, the wizard who started the War of Bones, has a tower within the moors. Not heard from in over 20 years this necromancer eventually transformed himself into a Wraith, turning his own apprentice into a Flame Skull, Protected by a sizable force of Specters, Shadows, Wights, Skeletons, and Zombies, the undead force was confronted by the party.

The black robe wizard, Hogan Wolfkeeper, parlayed with Wight sentries, pretending to be an investigator for the Towers on the status of the necromancer. Failing to have a writ the wights and other undead attacked. After a series of pitched battles the undead were defeated and the party looted the tower and its dungeons.

Within the treasures the party encounters two messages on scrolls. These two appear to be from a common source, someone of significant rank within the City of Xak Tsaroth, providing information to the necromancer regarding troop movements. This is believed related to the great ambush a generation ago that destroyed a large part of the armed might of Tsarothelm as it marched to join the War of Bones.

Party opts to return to Telic Keep for rest, resupply, and selling of loot. Party knights contemplate informing their superiors (and family members, for the Wolfkeeper contingent) of the information recovered.

Party plans to return to the moors in short-order and parlay with a kobold tribe in the hills due north of the moors in an attempt to gain their aid against the Dark Temple.


ShadowGriffon ShadowGriffon

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