Dragonlance - Age of Might

Session 1

Protagonists Assemble

Prophecies Revealed, The Story Begins.

Xak Tsaroth

At the Temple of Gilean in Xak Tsaroth, Khanaan Wolfkeeper, Knight of the Sword, receives a prophecy from the High Priest of Zivilyn about his pending quest to enter the Order of the Rose. That prophecy: “Above the wise road amongst the reeds lairs the Knight of Dark Vows, in Armor Obsidian, with sigil of Winged Beast of old, plotting foul things. A great unbalancing approaches if you fail to face him.”

Hogan Wolfkeeper, elder twin to Khanaan, later in town is visited by an Imp messenger from the Tower of High Sorcery at Palanthas. Imp publicly calls attention to the meeting turning the populace nearby against the young mage. The Minotaur Faros de-Ranos offers to protect the mage and the monk of Gilean, Marsk, joins to aid in the quest.

These three proceed to travel east down the Sageway highway towards Telic Keep, in preparation to fulfill the quest and prophecy.


Within Telicton the Sword Knight Murray Redhawks receives a vision from Paladine about dark threats lurking in the swamp. Is instructed to root them out but not until further assistance arrives. Scouting out the boundary of the Schalland Moors, Murray saves the life of the Plainsmen scout Cain.

Returning to Telic Keep the entire party meets up, makes introductions, and prepares to enter the moors.


ShadowGriffon ShadowGriffon

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