Dragonlance - Age of Might

Sessions 4 and 5

Ever Deeper Into the Moors

Aghar Community, Trouble With Fiends

Party travels further into the moors, heading towards a community of Gully Dwarves they were informed of by the half-ogre bodyguard of the wizard. This Aghar community resides in a ruined village with a nearby ruined keep.

Gully Dwarves report losing many of their number to the ruins, as those who enter never return. Investigating, party discovers an underground dungeon. First level consists of traps, constructs, and elemental type creatures. Second level consists of fiends. After a pitched, hard fought battle, the party destroys all save one fiend who surrenders. In exchange for information the fiend maps out the hot points within the Moors, including the lair of a necromancer and the location of the Dark Temple to Takhisis.

Party Ranger rejoins the group, tracking them to the ruins. Entering the ruins he is ambushed by a Mimic. A pitched battle follows with the death of the mimic. This is believed the likely culprit in the disappearance of the gully dwarves.

Party then heads out to confront the nearby goblin tribe. The goblins, recognizing the slayers of their longtime Bullywug foes, are very cooperative. Seeking no violence they provide what information they can on the inhabitants and goings on within the moors. Party leaves them in peace heading towards the ruins of the necromancer.


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