Dragonlance - Age of Might

Session 2

First foray into the Schalland Moors.

Against the Brigands


The Klar clan Mountain Dwarf Ragnor joins the party.

Schalland Moors

Party enters the southern Schalland Moors, following trail of those who assaulted the Plainsmen Ranger. Party discovers a sizable encampment of brigands that have been raiding the Sageway for months.

The party’s approach is detected and a welcoming band of warriors led by a large half-ogre intercept. Defeating this group, the party takes several prisoners and gets the mercenary half-ogre to assist in assaulting the brigand encampment.

Staging a daring raid upon their camp, the party dispatches the criminals. Many of the remaining brigands are captured. Party discovers that the leader of the bandits is advised by a Cleric of Hiddukul, who briefly participates in the fight but escapes.

Party rescues numerous prisoners and recovers a large haul of treasure. They learn that prisoners have been sold to servants of Takhisis who travel to the encampment from further north within the moors. The party wizard, Khalland Wolfkeeper, decides to hire one of the brigands as a bodyguard—the burly half ogre. Party returns to Telic keep to sell and rest.


ShadowGriffon ShadowGriffon

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