Wolfkeeper Family


Year Founded: 1670 E.A.
Founder: Vorin the Keeper of Wolves

History of Founding: Founded 461 years after the Rose Rebellion from a family of knights who specialized in taming and using wolves in battle. These warwolves proved an effective force in the Solamnic wars of expansion. The family can trace it’s ancestors to numerous houses from Ergoth that later served under Vinas Solamnus. In recognition of his accomplishements Vorin was elevated to Rose Knight, granted land and title following the conquest of Tsarothelm.

Title and Land: Family’s granted land is the border territory along the Whiterage river with the family head Entitled Marquess of the Whiterage March.

Notable History: Have valiantly served Solamnia and Tasrothelm from it’s founding to the present.

Majority of the family fell during the Third Dragonwar, line continued with the youngest male child of the sixth son of the family, sequestered from the war in Thorbardin. After the war the family’s lands were seized by its regent, Darren Dalgard. The lone surviving Wolfkeeper heir, Rygil Wolfkeeper was forced to quest and petition the highest Circle of Knights at Sancrist to gain recognition as heir to the Wolfkeeper lands and titles. Slew Darren Dalgard in duel of honor upon the field of the Whitestone in 2020 E.A. The Graywolf banner family supported the Dalgard claim and lost its holdings. Given new lands within the Dalgard domain, the Graywolf family changed it’s name to Truewolf. Enmity with the Dalgard family and it’s vassals continues to this day.

During the Ogre Wars of the 2300s the families lands and castle were ravaged by the hordes of Blode. Family finished rebuilding Castle Wolfkeeper in 2390 E.A.

War of Bones, 2426 E.A. Head of the family and three oldest sons fall, succeeded by the youngest son, Vor.

Family Today:
Head of Family: Vor Wolfkeeper, KoR
Lady: Ielda (maiden name: Stonefisher)
Children: Nine total, seven surviving. Two died before age 6.
Doan, KoR
Sabine Truetower (married into KoR family, Baron in Knightlund)
Titus, KoR
Braylyn Goldhelm (married into KoR family, Baron in Lemish)
Hogan, mage (blacksheep);
Khanan, KoS, younger twin to Hogan

Other Notable Relations:
Stonefisher Family (KoR): Gaius Stonefisher, father of Ielda, KoR, Count of East Tsarothelm.
Saul Stonefisher, brother of Ielda, KoR, heir to Gaius
Terence Stonefisher, only son of Saul Stonefisher, KoR

Drakesar Family (KoR). Longstanding friends of family. Dalin Drakesar, family head, cousin of Vor. Vor’s mother was of this family.

Notable Banner Families:
Whitewolf Family: Original banner family. KoS.
Blackwolf Family: Original banner family. KoC
Ironhelm Family: Founded from human allies in Thorbardin who sheltered Rygil during the Third Dragonwar. Elevated to KoC status upon Rygil’s reinstatement of title.
Kitsargard Family: Elevated man-at-arms of family during the Ogre Wars, rewarded for saving lady and heirs during assault on Castle Wolfkeeper. KoC.

Family Rivals:
Dalgard Family (KoR):
Truewolf Family (KoR): Formerly the Graywolf family, vassals of the Wolfkeepers. This family sided with the Dalgard faimly during the betrayal. Now a vassal family of the Dalgard’s.

Family Allies:
Hylar Clan (Dwarf) Thorbardin. Longstanding friends of the family, especially since the time of Rygil.

Wolfkeeper Family

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