The southernmost province of the Solamnic Empire, Tsarothelm is an inland province bordering Thorbardin, Thoradin, Silvanesti, Qualinesti, Blode, and Kharolis. It’s principle city and capital is Xak Tsaroth. This province is a kingdom, the monarch reporting to Grand Council of Knighthood and the High Knights.

The territory was conquered several centuries prior to the Third Dragonwar. It’s royal family and ranking nobles are descended from the families that led the conquest.

A sizeable population of the original native tribes remain within the land. These Plainsmen tribes have varying degrees of loyalty to Solamnia.

Tsarothelm faces armed occasional conflict on several fronts: Plainsmen uprisings, Ogre invasions from Blode, and hostile wild Elves and Centaurs along the Shadow Wood. In the event of war with any of Solamnia’s southern neighbors, Tsarothelm will be the first territory to face war.

The Solamnic population is heavily concentrated along the primary highway running through the province, the Sageway, which leads from Thoradin west-southwest to Xak Tsaroth, then Southwest towards Qualinost. Beyond this highway, or King’s (Queen’s) Road, the Solamnic population and Solamnicized plainsmen populations give way to more-independent Plainsmen tribes and nonhuman bands.

Agriculture, some mining, and trade are the primary economic components of this province.


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