Tower of High Sorcery - Wayreth

The First Tower of High Sorcery. Controlled by the Master of High Sorcery and the meeting place of the Conclave of Wizards. Protected by Wayreth Forest.


Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth

The Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth is one of the five original Towers of High Sorcery constructed on Ansalon. Wayreth is set up with walls that are an equilateral triangle, with a tower at each of the corners each dedicated to one moon, and the Wayreth Forest surrounds the tower. The actual Tower of Wayreth is actually a cluster of towers that seem to flow out of the ground. Each tower was made of black glass that is etched in white and red runes. There is no weapon on Krynn that can mar or destroy these walls or towers.

There is a set of silver and gold gates located in the middle of the eastern walls that appear fragile but are in reality extremely strong. After entering through the gate, you enter an empty courtyard made of plain, gray flagstone. Beyond the courtyard are the four towers; a fore tower, a back tower, and two larger towers in the middle, 250 feet tall. It appears as if the towers are about to fall, but this is an illusion. The towers are actually two of the strongest structures on all of Krynn.

Hall of Mages

The Hall of Mages is a black, obsidian chamber that has a forty-five foot diameter and a sixty-foot domed ceiling located in the North Tower of Wayreth. Most outsiders that enter into the Hall never remember the exact size of it. They only remember it as being immense. This Hall is where the Conclave of Wizards debate, conduct meetings, attend audiences, and for other functions. There is a single light source that lights only the chair that the Highmage sits on, while the other twenty chairs that the Conclave sits on are in the shadows. All of the chairs face the north wall of the Tower.

Wayreth Forest (Location Varies)

The Wayreth Forest, or Forest of Wayreth, is a magical forest that surrounds the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth. The forest was originally located south of Mithranhana Forest, but now it moves around. The tower can reportedly be found anywhere within 500 miles of it’s original location.

Unless a person is a wizard, they cannot find the forest unless allowed to. Upon entering, the person cannot leave, but the trees will form a path to the Tower. Those that harm the forest though may bring on the wrath of the trees there. The forest ends less than a hundred yards from the Tower of Wayreth.

Tower of High Sorcery - Wayreth

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