Tower of High Sorcery - Palanthas

During the Age of Might the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas is a brilliant white structure with red minarets. It is the home of the Great Laboratory, the greatest magical research facility in all of Krynn. This tower is the principal site for the crafting of the most powerful of magic items, including the famed Dragon Orbs.


Tower of High Sorcery at Palanthas

The Tower of High Sorcery at Palanthas is one of the five original Towers of High Sorcery build on Ansalon. When it was orginally built, it was built with white marble walls and crimson minarets. The Tower also is known as the Lore Spire Spire, Tower of Palanthas, Palanthas Tower, Tsandol Sirran (Lore-spire), and Tsandol Shurn (Doom-spire).

This tower is considered the greatest of all the Towers, and housed the world’s
greatest store of arcane lore and artifacts.

The Tower stands over six hundred feet in height. It was a cylinder shaped tower carved from an enormous block of white marble streaked with red. Flanking the main tower were two four hundred foot minarets, each capped with a red crystal dome. The circular wall around the Tower and its turrets were made of black glass, while the gates were made of silver and gold, studded with jewels. The door leading into the Tower are made of polished bloodwood, covered with arcane glyphs.

When one entered the door into the Tower, a mosaic depicting a mage from each of the three Orders reading from a single book was on the floor. Over a thousand steps led up the hollow Tower, with landings at each of the thirty-three floors. No handrail kept people from falling over the side of the steps.

Shoikan Grove (Fear)

The Shoikan Grove guards the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas. The grove produces tremendous fear in those who attempt to enter. The only way to pass through the grove is with the use of a Nightjewel give by the Master of the Tower of Palanthas.

Tower of High Sorcery - Palanthas

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