Tower of High Sorcery - Losarcum


Tower of High Sorcery at Losarcum

The Tower of High Sorcery at Losarcum is located on the fringes of the city of Qim Sudri in the nation of Dravinaar. Locals call the tower Jandhar Azuya or the Black Knife.

The tower resides on a promontory directly east of Qim Sudri, overlooking the city. It rises to almost four hundred feet tall and is made of obsidian, shaped like a knife. In the dawn, the shadow of the tower reaches over the city like a great finger, whilst at dusk it appears to burn with reflected twilight, making it appear crimson. By looking carefully at the surface of the tower the outline of Nuitari can be seen, but neither Solinari nor Lunitari’s light is reflected by the tower. Two parapets with red borders line the tower, one is stark white while the other is crimson red, to signify the other two orders.

Surrounding and protecting the tower is the Tsorthan Grove. Past the grove is a courtyard paved with white gravel which leads to the entrance of the tower. The doors to the entrance of the tower are monstrously high, made of blood-red stone and engraved with images of the three moons. Hidden glyphs and runes adorn both the doors and the stairs leading into the tower, which can incinerate uninvited guests. The walls of the tower are made of smoky black glass and are slightly crooked. It is rumored that if anyone looks into one of the tower windows long enough that they can see a multitude of sorrowful faces, depicting the person’s insignificance in a large world.

Inside the tower is a central staircase winding to all levels of the tower, further protected with magical glyphs. At the base of the tower are the rooms of the initiates, as are the rooms in which were conducted the Test of High Sorcery. The upper levels hold the rooms of the more senior and skilled mages. At the top of the tower is the Heartchamber.

Beneath the tower are a series of underground caves in which the wizards conduct experiments and also where they store the Guardians, first crafted in the Age of Dreams. Also in the underground caves are the Vaults of Summoning.

Heartchamber (Losarcum)

The Heartchamber is located at the apex of the tower, inside the black spire. This is where the magic of the tower is strongest. The tiles covering the walls are inscribed with words of magic. The room’s most important feature is a small replica of the tower in its center. The doors to the room are made of ironwood and are bound with steel with protective magic placed on them.


The Menagerie is a large chamber that holds all manner of exotic and dangerous creatures from the world of Krynn, which have been preserved by a number of different methods for later study and examination. The creatures can also be called upon as defenders by the Master of the Tower of Losarcum. The creatures of the Menagerie range from huge zombies, flesh golems, animated objects, kobolds, Wyverns, and all manner of other beasts.

Vaults of Summoning

The Vaults of Summoning are a series of caverns underneath the Tower of High Sorcery at Losarcum. The vaults are protected with all manner of spells, runes and wards, and is the location where the Black Robes of the tower summon Demons and other creatures from The Abyss to serve them.

Tsorthan Grove (Emotion)

The Tsorthan Grove is the magical grove that surrounds and protects the Tower of High Sorcery at Losarcum. The grove is long considered the greatest of its kind, and was originally constructed by Yalashim the Mind-reaver, the master enchanter of his age. The enchanter designed the grove to turn the passions of those entering against them.

The grove consists of black cypress trees, the ground rocky sand, and no living creature dwells there. Anyone entering gradually slows to a halt, hypnotized by the swaying branches, until they are overwhelmed by whichever emotion was forthright in their mind. When the emotion turned against the intruder, they usually break down sobbing until they lose consciousness. At this point the Black Robes either kill the intruder or otherwise deal with them. If the mages of the tower ever want someone to safely pass through the grove they cast the Song of Day’s Clarity upon them.

Tower of High Sorcery - Losarcum

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