Solamnia is a human nation in northern Ansalon. Solamnia has varied geographical features: fertile plains, three mountain ranges (the Vingaard Mountains, Dargaard Mountains and the Garnet Mountains), long rivers, and ample coastline. People from Solamnia are referred to as being Solamnic they speak the language also known as Solamnic. Solamnia’s chief exports are grain and cattle.

The provinces that make up Solamnia are Tanith in the northwest, Palanthas east of that, Hinterlund in north-central Solamnia, Knightlund in the northeast; Vingaard, Elkholm, Heartlund, and Gaardlund comprising the central provinces; Lemish and Quermish are south-central provinces that also serve as border provinces; and Tsarothelm to the far south, with most of its border shared with foreign powers.

Age of Dreams

Solamnia was rescued more than founded by Vinas Solamnus during the Rose Rebellion in the years 1799 PC – 1791 PC. When the provinces rebelled against the Empire of Ergoth for excessive taxation and other tyrannical acts, the Emperor dispatched Vinas to squash any resistance and to execute the rebel leaders. Vinas finally came to the end of his campaign when he laid siege to Vingaard Keep. The commander of the rebels, a Antonias Leprus, invited Vinas in to listen to their crimes against Ergoth. After doing so, Antonias had his servant slit his throat. Vinas had a change of heart, deciding to take up arms against his Emperor. He broached the subject with his generals with most joining him in rebellion. After the Rose Rebellion, Solamnia had its freedom. The lands of Solamnia bordered Hylo, Empire of Ergoth, and Qualinesti in the west, Kharolis in the south, and Silvanesti and Taman Busuk in the east.

In the year 1775 PC, Vinas Solamnus created the Knights of Solamnia so that honorable warriors would come to guard not only Solamnia, but all of Ansalon. With the Knights help, Vinas created the city of Palanthas in 1773 PC and had the High Clerist’s Tower built in 1772 PC in the only strategic pass leading to Palanthas.

From the time of the Knights of Solamnia had been established, they quickly grew into an unrivaled power on Ansalon. The prosperity of Solamnia has become only second on Ansalon to Istar in the east. This would all come to a quick end though.

In the year 1060 PC, the Third Dragon War came upon Solamnia. Takhisis decided to attack the powerful human nation first. The human lines of the Knights of Solamnia were quickly overrun until they had reached the gates of Vingaard Keep where a final battle was to take place between the Knights of Solamnia and Takhisis’s evil forces. If not for a young Knight of the Crown named Huma Dragonbane, all would have been lost for Solamnia and quite likely the rest of Ansalon. He discovered the Dragonlance, using it to slay dragons and ultimately to force Takhisis to submit and leave Krynn, taking her dragons with her.. The final battle cost Huma his life.

Age of Might

Solamnia grants the Dwarves of Thorbardin mining rights in the Garnet Mountains. There the dwarves create the kingdom of Kayolin and the capital of Garnet in 980 PC. Also sometime during this timeframe, the kender of Hylo ally themselves with Solamnia.

In 910 PC – 825 PC the Solamnics participate in the Ogre Wars, ultimately forcing them back into their territory of Blode.

In 2426 E.A. (389 I.A. or 574 P.C.) Solamnia comes to the aid of Istar in the War of Bones. This conflict further cements an alliance between the two great human empires.


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