Kender are unique to Krynn. They are the halflings which many other worlds sport, but they are much more interesting than that. Kender appear to be small human children-slight of build, beardless, about three and half to four feet tall with pointed ears. Kender generally live for 100 years (or until their curiosity kills them).


Kender of all ages share a childlike nature: curious, fearless, irrepressible, independent, lazy, taunting, and irresponsible with others’ possessions.

Few on Ansalon can shut a kender up or tie one down. Full of youthful energy, kender dread boredom and seek excitement, entertainment, and fun. While other party members grimly embark upon a gruelling trail with a near-certain death at its end, a kender will accompany them “just for the fun of it.”

Kender are oblivious to matters of ownership. If a kender needs something that another person is not using, the kender will innocently borrow the item and put it to use. Curious kender often pick up items for closer examination, and then distractedly forget to put them back. Although kender have common thieving abilities they do not regard themselves as thieves, and they take quick offence at accusations to the contrary.

Physical Description

Adult kender resemble young teenage humans: aside from their pointed ears, they could pass as human youths. Despite their attenuate limbs, kender are well muscled. Most stand between 3’6” to 3’9” tall, although some few reach 4’6” tall. Mature kender weigh between 85 and 105 pounds.

Hair coloration for kender ranges from sandy blonde to dark brown, with some who have coppery red or red- orange hues. Short-cropped shag haircuts are popular in Hylo, but Goodlund kender prefer longer hair: braids, ponytails, knots, and combed manes. Kender cannot grow beards or moustaches.

Although fair-skinned, kender tan quickly, becoming nut-brown by midsummer. Their eye colour varies: pale blue, sea green, olive, light brown, and hazel. Their ears have points much as elven ears do.

Typically, kender faces bear the intense, bright-eyed inquisitiveness of children. Happy kender grin madly; sad kender wear an intractable pout. When throwing taunts, kender look impish and shout with an incredibly grating tone. Their emotional intensity is infectious.
Kender clothing varies a great deal, but all wear durable, rustic outfits. Bright natural colours and ribbons accent clothing. Males wear shirts, pants or breaches, laced leggings, and soft leather boots or sandals. Females wear a tunic or dress, pants, and soft leather shoes or laced sandals. All kender wear vests, belts, or short cloaks with many pockets.

Kender live to 100 years and beyond, always retaining their youthful flair for life. Adulthood begins around 20 years, and old age sets in at 70. As kender age, their faces retain a youthful appearance, save for a deepening network of lines and crow’s feet. Their hair greys gently, often starting at the temple. Kender consider this aged look attractive, and some accelerate it using mudpacks to dry out their skin. Kender voices range from the shrill tones of childhood to the husky growls of old age. Most kender can create bird and animal calls. When excited, kender speak very quickly or very loudly to make themselves heard.


Kender try to get along with everyone, although this is hardly ever accomplished. In the end, however, all see a good friend in a kender.

Kender believe in the rights and freedom of the individual, they resent being ordered about, and would rather do what they want, hence they tend strongly towards chaos. However as an overall compassionate race the majority of them tend to be good or neutral. Evil kender are a virtual unknown, though of course like all the races there are exceptions.

Kender Lands

Kender live in quaint, pastoral villages and towns constructed in the forests of Krynn. Their homes are a variety of incomplete structures: tree houses, terraced decks, spacious huts, snug little burrows, and tree hollows. All dwellings blend beautifully with their environment. Looking upon a kender city, one sees only bountiful woodlands, winter squash, grape and raspberry vines, and blossoming fruit trees. On closer examination, a city appears.

Kender have small immediate families with 2 or 3 children. For all the noise and fuss in a kender house, one would think there were dozens of children. Most kender happily stay at home, close to playmates.

The sedentary nature of aged kender and young kender allows kender societies to crop up. Kender society is an omnigarchy: rulership by everyone. Everyone does whatever they please, so long as they do not harm each other. Kender value individuality and thus have no desire to force their opinions on others. Despite their blatant lack of law, common threats bring kender into quick cooperation. With little preparation, kender nations can field a formidable army.

Occasionally, the kender will submit themselves to a ruler who seems interesting at the time. They have had kings, khans, warlords, councils, judges, and priestlords, many of which have not been kender and all of which have fallen from power within a month’s time.


Although kender recognize all the gods (as well as some nature spirits, eldritch beings, and potted plants), they hold four in highest regard: Branchala, Chislev, Mishakal, and Gilean. Kender generally consider Reorx a grumbling but benevolent grandfather, but do not praise him highly.

Seacoast kender set Habbakuk high in their pantheons.


All kender speak kenderspeak, their racial tongue as well as Common. They usually learn Elven and Goblin.


Sometime around age 20, kender are overwhelmed by a desire to wander and see the world. This period of life is referred to as Wanderlust. During this time kender travel for years, enjoying the mysteries of Krynn, before their wanderlust runs out and they settle down. After wanderlust, kender become rooted in the land, remaining in one place until death.


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