The Empire of Istar is one of the greatest empires on all of Krynn. It stretches from the eastern borders of Thoradin and Taman Busuk in the west, Silvanesti and Balifor to the south, and the Courrain Ocean to the east and north. The lands varied from deserts in the south, hills and forests in the west, open grasslands to the northwest and central, and jungle to the east and northeast. Originally led by a king, the Empire is led by the Emperor of Istar. The Imperial sign is the falcon.

Age of Dreams

The Empire that would become the beacon of Good on Ansalon had humble beginnings as it started out as a single village founded around 2500 PC. These simple fisherman and farmers had a peaceful living with those around them. This simple, peaceful life would not last forever.

Asanta, Head of the White Robes, came to Istar while seeking a new place for a Tower of High Sorcery. She had had a vision, that one day this small village would be a great metropolis, and the center of good on Ansalon with the assistance of the mages. The tower was built, and gave the people their visions of grandeur. They got rid of their beliefs of ancestor-worship, and took to hear the worship of the Gods of Light, particularly Paladine, Mishakal, and Solinari.

For the next eight hundred years, the Istarans were able to stave off attacks from surrounding towns with the assistance of the wizards. Istar became a city-state around 1750 PC with the defeat of Calah, Odacera, Chidell, and Kautilya. By 1543 PC, the Minotaur Empire’s lands had become part of the city-state. The minotaurs though, were able to free themselves, but only for a time, and in about 1480 PC, Istar had become the trade center of the eastern world.

Istar was mostly not involved during the Third Dragon War. Dravinaar, the neighbor to the south, sided with the Dark Queen’s forces though. Dravinaar waited until the time was right to strike at Istar, that time being when the ranking wizards left the Tower of High Sorcery in Istar to create the Dragon Orbs in Palanthas. With the wizards absent the horsemen of Dravinaar sacked Istar, razing half of the Lordcity. The people of Istar called to the wizards for assistance, but none came. So the people turned to the church, and the clerics came to the assistance of the people of Istar. The head of the church of Paladine called forth a cleansing flame that put fear into the hearts of the Dravinish and emboldened the Istarans. The Istarans pushed out the horsemen, winning a great victory. The people of Istar have long held the failure of the wizards against the Orders of High Sorcery.

Age of Might

Following the Third Dragon War, Istar grew in power and commerce in the east. A Lord Galeric named himself the first King of Istar in 962 PC, forming the Kingdom of Istar. This began the Istaran Age, a calendar which would continue until the Empire’s destruction.

From 850 PC to 727 PC, Istar issued strict trade restrictions upon the Kender of Balifor in what would be called the Trade Wars. Istarans attempted to force the kender to accept their taxes through military force or legal action, but this all was for nothing. The kender received the “kender tax” that allowed them to be exempt from the Istaran standards. Also during these years, Midrath, Gather, Ismin, and Dravinaar joined Istar to create an Empire. By 800 PC, the Istarian trade standards had spread throughout all of Krynn.

Istar would again have problems with another race with trade. From 673 PC to 630 PC, Istaran and Silvanesti naval merchants fought skirmishes at sea. Eventually the Silvanesti would prevail with the blockade of Istar, and forced the nation to sign the Swordsheath Scroll.

The War of Bones in 574 PC nearly brought Istar to destruction and further disheartened the Istarans against wizards. In the aftermath of this war the people have turned more to the clerics and temples.


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