Gods of Light


Paladine, the Celestial Paladin

Other Names: Draco Paladin (Ergoth), Skyblade (Goodlund), Dragonlord (Mithas), E’li (Silvanesti), Thak the Hammer (Thorbardin), Bah’Mut (Istar), the Great Dragon (Solamnia), Platinum Father (Dragons).
Symbol: The Silver Triangle, also the Pinetree (Silvanesti) or Anvil (Thorbardin)
Colors: Silver, white
Constellation: The Platinum Dragon
Alignment: Lawful Good
Sphere of Influence: Rulership and guardianship

Many believe that the ancient hero Huma was actually Paladine in mortal form, when he drove the dragons from the land during the Age of Dreams. Paladine’s constellation tradi- tionally guards the Gate of Souls, keeping the dragons from returning to Krynn.


Other Names: Manthus (Ergoth), Mantis of the Rose (Qualinesti), Matheri (Silvanesti), Nadir the Dreamsender (Mithas).
Symbol: Copper Spider, also the Single Rose (Qualinesti, Silvanesti), and the Mantis (Solamnia)
Colors: Copper, red
Constellation: The Rose
Alignment: Neutral Good
Sphere of Influence: Meditation, control, and thought

Majere is the favored god of monks. He is said to give his followers symbols that, when cast upon the ground, become insects that fight for their owner.


Other Names: Corij (Ergoth), Kijo the Blade (Thorbardin), Jolith (Kharolis/Tarsis), Qu’an the Warrior (Uigan), Emperor (Mithas).
Symbol: Bison’s horns, also horned battle axe (Thorbardin, Kharolis)
Colors: Brown, white
Constellation: The Bison
Alignment: Lawful Good
Sphere of Influence: War and battle

Kiri-Jolith is a god of war, but not of battle- lust. He is the favorite god of paladins and good-aligned fighters. His constellation seems to threaten that of the Queen of Darkness in the night sky.

Mishakal, the Healer

Other Names: Ka-mel-sha, the Healer in the Home (Tarsis), Mesalax (Thorbar- din), Meshal (Icewall), Mishas (Ergoth), Quenesti Pah (Silvanesti), Quen (Qualinesti), Skymistress (Goodlund), the Blue Lady (Balifor, Highlo), Empress (Mithas), Bearer of Light, Light Bringer (Solamnia).
Symbol: Blue infinity sign
Colors: Sky blue
Constellation: The Infinity
Alignment: Lawful Good
Sphere of Influence: Healing, knowledge, fertility

Mishakal is found in nearly every known civili- zation of Krynn. Mishakal is Paladine’s wife and advisor.

Habbakuk, the Fisher King

Other Names: The Blue Phoenix (Ergoth, Silvanesti, Qualinesti), Skylord (Balfor, Goodlund), Sea Lord (Mithas).
Symbol: Blue bird, also blue phoenix (Ergoth)
Colors: Deep blue, white
Constellation: The Phoenix
Alignment: Neutral Good
Sphere of Influence: All animal life and the sea

Branchala, the Bard King

Other Names: Songmaster (Goodlund), Astra (Qualinesti), Astarin (Silvanesti), Bran (Ergoth), Gardener (Mithas), Bardilun (Thorbardin).
Symbol: Bard’s harp, flute (Goodlund, Qualinesti, Silvanesti)
Colors: Yellow, green
Constellation: The Harp
Alignment: Neutral Good
Sphere of Influence: Elves, kender, forests, music

Branchala appears in the form of whatever people he is visiting. He is considered the highest god of the elves and kender.


Other Names: Solin (Ergoth), White- eye (Goodlund, Balfor), God’s Eye (Thorbardin), Ivory Disk (Highlo), Beacon (Mithas).
Symbol: White circle or sphere
Colors: White, silver
Constellation: None (moon)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Sphere of Influence: Good magic

Solinari is the white moon of Krynn. The influence of good magic waxes and wanes according to its position in the heavens.

Gods of Light

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