Gods of Darkness


Takhisis, The Queen of Darkness

Other Names: Dragonqueen (Istar, Silvanesti, Ergoth), She of the Many Faces (Hylo), Mai-tat (Tarsis), Nilat the Corruptor (Icewall), Tamex the False Metal (Thorbardin), Tii’Mut (Istar), Lady Chaos (Mithas), Darklady (Ogres), Mwarg (Hobgoblins).
Symbol: Black crescent
Colors: Black
Constellation: The Five-Headed Dragon
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Sphere of Influence: Night, evil dragons, hatred

The Queen of Darkness is worshipped by the dragon highmasters, the draconians, and allied humans. Not even fools or children speak the name Takhisis lightly. Her name summons darkness, destruction, and death. Swathed in shadow and hatred, she desires only the domination and destruction of Krynn and its folk.


Other Names: Argon (Istar, Ergoth), The Firebringer (Highlo), Misal-Lasim (Tarsis), Gonnas the Willful (Icewall), Sargas, Sargon, Sargonax the Bender (Thorbardin), Kinthalas (Silvanesti), Kinis (Qualinesti), Destroyer (Mithas).
Symbol: A stylized red condor, also a red fist (Thorbardin, Istar)
Colors: Red, black
Constellation: The Vulture
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Sphere of Influence: Deserts, volcanoes, vengeance, fire

In Thorbardin and in Istar of old Sargonnas was represented by a red fist.


Other Names: H’rar (Ergoth, Istar), Gormion (Tarsis), Morgi (Icewall), Morgax the Rustlord (Thorbardin), Pestilence (Mithas), Anthrax Goatlord (Hobgoblins)
Symbol: A hood with two red eyes, also an upside-down axe (Thorbardin), or a rat’s claw (Hylo)
Colors: Deep brown, black
Constellation: The Executioner’s Hood
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Sphere of Influence: Disease, decay, plague

Morgion’s followers meet in dark places of worship, and are very secretive in all things. Morgion despises all things healthy, striving to destroy or corrupt them with disease and decay.


Other Names: Aeleth (Ergoth), Dron of the Deep (Tarsis), Chemos Joton (Ice- wall), Khemax (Thorbardin), Lifebane (Mithas), Orkrust (Hobgoblins).
Symbol: A yellow skull
Colors: Black, sickly yellow
Constellation: The Ram’s Skull
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Sphere of Influence: Undead

Worshippers of Chemosh generally wear white skull masks and black robes. Chemosh is patient and commanding. Like his minions he too can wait for the opportunity to strike at Good. Unlife does have its advantages after all.


Other Names: Rann (Ergoth), Zyr (Tar- sis), Zebir Jotun (Icewall), Bhezomiax (Thorbardin), Maelstrom (Mithas).
Symbol: A turtle-shell pattern
Colors: Green, red
Constellation: The Sea Turtle
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Sphere of Influence: The sea, undead sea races

The name for Zeboim translates as “Sea Queen” in both Tarsis and Ergoth. Zeboim is unknown to most dwarven races. Zeboim the Sea Queen is the impetuous and volatile daughter of Takhisis and Sargonnas. Her unpredictable tempers make her a dangerous foe and lethal friend.


Other Names: Betrayer (Mithas), Usk-Do (Hobgoblins), Hitax the Flaw (Thorbardin), M’Fistos (Istar).
Symbol: Broken merchant’s scales
Colors: Red, bone white
Constellation: The Broken Scales
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Sphere of Influence: Demons, damned souls

Hiddukel is a deal maker who trades in souls. Some say Hiddukel can even barter with Takhisis and come out ahead. He controls all ill-gotten wealth in the world, which he uses to corrupt greedy men. He is the patron of evil businessmen.


Other Names: Nightreaver (Mithas), Darkness (Elian), Black Hand (Balifor), Ungod (Thorbardin).
Symbol: A black circle or sphere
Colors: Black
Constellation: None (moon)
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Sphere of Influence: Black magic

Nuitari is the black moon of Krynn. Its existence is known only to astrologers, navigators, wizards, and others who watch the heavens, for it is known only when it blots out stars and planets. Black Robe Wizards can perceive the dark glow of the black moon. The influence of black magic waxes and wanes according to its position in the heavens.

Gods of Darkness

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