The gods of Krynn came from beyond out of chaos to forge the universe during the Age of Starbirth, as told in the Tale of the Creation. The origin of the gods is unknown, although it is believed that they came from a different sphere of existence. All of the facts of the Age of Starbirth are now heavily obscured in myth and legend. Only the gods themselves know their true names, and certainly do not disclose them to mortals.

There are twenty-one known gods of Krynn: seven gods of Good, seven of Evil, and seven of Neutrality. All the known gods are represented in the heavens. Six gods of Good and six gods of Evil make up the zodiac. Six gods of Neutrality are represented by wan- dering stars (planets). The remaining three gods—of White, Black, and Red magic-are represented by the three moons that orbit Krynn.

Gods of Light
Gods of Balance
Gods of Darkness
Constellations of Krynn

Deities as Presented in 5th Edition D and D


To the denizens of Ansalon gods have faces, symbols, and clearly defined attitudes. Both the High God and Chaos surpass godhood in the minds of the people of Ansalon and are mostly referred to as supernatural forces existing in the universe and as such there are no organised churches paying respect to either god although individuals may pray to them (mostly the High God).

The High God has withdrawn from Krynn, allowing the world to play out its fate. The High God acts through the natural forces of conflict, fate, and coincidence, remaining otherwise distant from creation. Although apparently aloof, the High God loves creation and would act to prevent its final destruction.

Chaos is the opposite. Chaos is intent on destroying all creation and thus only fools or lunatics would pray to it (like the High God, Chaos is genderless). Because of this neither god has priests.


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