Character Creation

Character Creation Information for Campaign

Utilize the step-by-step process in PHB, pg 11-15.

1. Races Allowed: Dwarf (Hill and Mountain), Elf (High and Wood), Human, Gnome (Rock Gnome), Half-Elf. Kender (from DMG) is allowed with DM approval. Other races such as Minotaur, Centaur, Half-Ogre, etc. require DM approval and house-ruled racial conversions. Note: Humans may use the standard or alternate rules for creation, as per PHB pg 31.
2. Classes Allowed: All. If considering Warlock and Sorcerer confer with DM on world-specific detrimental issues.
3. Ability Scores: Use the Variant: Customizing Ability Scores rule but with 30 points. Alternatively, if everyone agrees to it, the 4d6 rolled method can be used (TBD at table).
4. Describe/Select: Alignment, ideals, bonds, flaws, background selection.
5. Choose Equipment: Starting equipment is determined by class and background. Do not roll for starting gold.
6. Advance character to level 3. Use the average value for hit point advances for additional levels. Aternatively, rolled hit points can be used if everyone agrees (TBD at table).

Note: The Feats alternative rules will be used. Human characters can select the standard creation method or the optional one, selecting a feat with different statistic bonuses, as outlined in the PHB.


Use the house-ruled organization guide based on the faction system in the D and D Adventurer’s League.


Beginning location will be in Tsarothelm, the southernmost province of Solamnia. City/Town TBA.

Time period:

Age of Might, 550 years before the cataclysm (PC.) The calendar of the era will be 2450 E.A. (Ergothan Age) or 413 I.A. (Istaran Age). All canon events that are stated as having happened up to this point in Krynn’s history have happened.

Character Backgrounds:

Keep in mind a backstory for your background. For those of Noble Background consider your family and your character’s position in it. It may come into play.

Moon magic:

We will be using the 3e version of the Krynn calendar which allows for two lunar alignment cycles every three years. This does require some coordination with the moon tracking chart. Moon effects will not take effect until after passing the Test.

Utilize the 1e Moon Phase Chart. Saving Throw Modifiers apply to targets as stated. Additional Spells will count as additional spell slots that may be cast by the wizard. Effective level will not be utilized.

Knights of Solamnia:

Any non-arcane class may become a Knight as long as the character is a male Solamnic. Arcane casting is directly prohibited by the Measure. Only those of Noble Background can become Rose Knights. Only clerics may join the Order of the Clerist. A character starting at third level can assume elevation to Sword Knight rank, if desired.

Character Creation

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