Calendars and Timekeeping

Calendar Used

This campaign uses the calendar system from Dragonlance Campaign Setting for D and D 3.0. This is a system with a 12-month calendar, each month comprised of 28 days. This gives the calendar year 336 days. This system allows for a simpler method of tracking the moons, with a three year calendar allowing for two lunar cycles to realign with the calendar. The lunar cycles comprise 504 days, three calendars total 1008 days.

Calendar Year Tracking

K.A. = Kalthian Age (Dwarf calendar)
I.A. = Istaran Age
P.C. = Pre Cataclysm

This campaign is set in the Age of Might, the Age prior to the Cataclysm. This is the traditional calendar-defining moment for a Dragonlance campaign. However, in this time period existing calendars must be utilized.

The campaign begins in year 2450 K.A.. which equates to 413 I.A. or 550 P.C. Thus, year 2038 K.C. is the start of the Istaran Age Calendar. As the campaign is Solamnic-centric, with Solamnia utilizing the more traditional Kalthian calendar at this time period, the Kalthian Age will be the principle method of determine year.

Key Events and Their Dates

1 K.A. Dwarves fully delve Kal-Thax, the first Dwarf kingdom on Ansalon.
310 – 355 K.A Second Dragon War
355 K.A. Birth of the Orders of High Sorcery
400 K.A. Ergoth Founded
1201 – 1209 K.A. Rose Rebellion
1225 K.A. Founding of the Knights of Solamnia
1250 K.A. Istar becomes a City-State
1940 – 1982 K.A. Third Dragon War
2038 K.A. Kingdom of Istar Founded, Year 1 of the Istaran Age (I.A.) Calendar.
2090 – 2175 K.A. Ogre Wars
2426 K.A War of Bones
2450 K.A. Campaign Start

Calendars and Timekeeping

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