The continent of Ansalon is 2,700 miles wide by 1,900 miles tall and situated in the southern hemisphere of Krynn. The Cape of Nordmaar is approximately 2,000 miles south of the equator and the Icewall Glacier rim is around 500 miles away from the South Pole. Despite its relative proximity with Taladas and the other continents, Ansalonians have succeeded, for the most part, to remain isolated and aloof from other cultures. Visitors from the other continents are rare indeed.

Climate and Seasons

Located in the southern hemisphere of Krynn, Ansalon has a climate which is inverted is comparison to Taladas for instance: the farther south one travels, the colder climates generally become. If one divides Ansalon with a cross into four parts one can say the northwestern and a section of the southeastern parts enjoy temperate climate. Here, summer arrives early in Corij and stretches into late Reorxmont. Between these times, temperatures occasionally reach sweating points but usually remain comfortable. After a patient autumn, winter arrives in Phoenix and extends into late Mishamont. Winter temperatures generally hover about the freezing mark.

The southwestern and a section of the southeastern parts enjoy transitional climates. In these areas, the summer lasts from late Corij to early Reorxmont and rarely grows uncomfortable. After a short and stormy autumn, winter sets in by H’rarmont and lasts through Chislmont. Winters typically dip below freezing and remain there, and snows fall frequently. A section of the southeastern part is also affected by bitter cold. In this region, summer lasts for a matter of five to six weeks around the month of Argon. Even during those days, the sun lingers low in the northern sky, and temperatures require a light wrap. A brief and stormy spring precedes the summer and an equally rapid autumn leads to bitter winter. During those days, the sun appears to roll like a red ball along the horizon from east to west. The air grows so cold that spittle would freeze before striking ground.

The northeastern part of the continent houses two different climates: desert and equatorial as you move to the north easternmost part of the continent. In the lands under desert climates the summer days reach sweltering heat while summer nights grow horribly chill. In late Hiddumont, a reluctant autumn takes hold of the land, soothing the broiling heat. Autumn slowly transforms into spring at some indefinable point, which gives way in Bran to summer. Rain comes seldom to this region. When rain does come, it comes in torrents.

Calendar of Ansalon

Even though perhaps half the continent’s denizens couldn’t care less for timekeeping and an elaborate calendar (except for holidays of course) the consensus amongst scholars is that the system used by Astinus and his Order of Aesthetics is accurate and practical enough to be the standard method of time keeping. Other variations exist however.

Krynn takes exactly 336 days to orbit the sun and return to the same position in the heavens. The year is then divided into twelve months of twenty-eight days each. Each month consists of four weeks of seven days each. Scholars believe such perfection is due to the gods’ constant attention. These twelve months are addressed differently depending on which nation of Ansalon one resides as shown by the table below. In spite of the awesome diversity most people use either the Ergoth or Palanthan notation. Usually, but not always, the Palanthan system is used by scholars and mages and the Ergoth notation is commonly accepted in the grand majority of realms with the exception of highly isolationists (and traditionally proud) nations such as Silvanesti or Thorbardin.


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