Dragonlance - Age of Might

Session 8
Her Majesty's Response, Knights Elevated

Political Fallout Begins

During the party’s final trek into the moors the content of the letters released to the Knightly councils spread quickly. Kalwin LonThear, the Queen’s most trusted advisor, produced documents recently seized and deciphered detailing a plot by the Wolfkeeper family to discredit her majesty’s throne in an effort to seize it for themselves. The throne calls in her generals and advisors to deal with this plot.

Count Highsteed, Lord of the Rose, is dispatched with a sizable force to crush the Wolfkeepers. Quickly surrounding the castles within the March a siege begins. Highsteed, ever faithful to the measure with no desire to see Solamnic blood shed, grants entreats with them for a gracious surrender.

A smaller force under Marshall Truewolf is dispatched to locate the knights in the party and the original forged (per the throne) documents alleging a plot of the Queen or her agents to commit regicide during the War of Bones.

Party returns to Telic Keep to meet with a knightly council led by Marshall Steelward, who is also a neighboring baron to Telicton. The council knights, upon viewing the original documents, are convinced of their legitimacy but have it verified by a trusted steward. Party Knights are allowed to announce the completion of their respective quests, Khanaan Wolfkeeper is thus elevated to the Order of the Rose while Murray Redhawk is promoted to Subcaptain within the Order of the Sword.

With the arrival of the Queen’s forces under Truewolf, the minotaur Faros attempts to cause discord amongst the knightly ranks, in order to cause war. Lurking within the town of Telicton he secretly shoots one of the Truewolf parlay messengers with arrow. Later in the conflict he discretely assaults both the Truewolf camp and Telic Keep with alchemist fire.

In response to the arrow attack on the messenger, the cleric-knight Murray Redhawk travels alone into the enemy camp for parlay. This is respected and he discusses the situation and pending conflict with the enemy commander. Offering to turn himself over to the Truewolf forces in an effort to avoid bloodshed, he is instructed that such a surrender can not be accepted as he is there under a flag of truce. He returns to Telic Keep with the results of his Parlay and announces he intends to surrender himself to the opposing army.

The black robe wizard, Hogan Wolfkeeper, is visited by his master in a dreamscape and instructed to remain with the party, serving as his master’s eyes and ears during the struggles.

The dwarf,Raynor, heads to Itzan Kertal to sell the party’s loot from the Dark Temple and to raise mercenary forces to aid in the coming conflict. He is eventually joined briefly by the minotaur, Faros, who shortly returns to Telic Keep.

The monk, Marsk, travels to the Wolfkeeper lands, later followed by the Wizard Hogan Wolfkeeper, to see to the state of the besieged March. There they discover the Blackwolf family is organizing a counterattack within the Dark Wood along the eastern border of the March.

The knight-paladin, Khanaan Wolfkeeper, travels along the Sageway recruiting noble houses to their cause. Eventually he returns to Telic Keep.

Murray Redhawk surrenders himself to the forces of Marshall Truewolf who sits outside of Telic Keep. He does this in an effort to promote peace and to speak with the Queen’s court. He is presented to the court and, remaining defiant, does not take an offer to renounce the Wolfkeeper family and the legitimacy of the found documents. Redhawks is escorted to a palace tower to await judgement by knightly tribunal. Before such a tribunal is called, Lonthear offers him a confession to sign that is refused. Loather then has the knight dragged into the dungeons for torture and interrogation.

Session 7
Quests Fulfilled, Victory Over the Dark Queen's Followers

The Dark Temple of Schalland Moors

Knights of Solamnia inform the local garrison commander, Knightly Circle at Xak Tsaroth, the High Justice, and High Clerist in writing of the treasonous letter implicating regicide during the War of Bones. Before responses arrive, party heads out into the moors to complete the quest.

Heading along western border of the moors the party enters along its northern margin, en route to the kobold lair. Encountering the kobolds along a river they offer parlay that is accepted. Proffering a deal to aid the kobolds in releasing the captive wyverns in the Dark Temple, the kobolds agree to guide the party through the tribe’s secret tunnels into the caverns beneath the temple.

Arriving in the temple tunnels, the party quickly free the Wyverns then proceeds to storm the temple from within. A pitched battle with Clay Golems weakens the party, who eventually clear out the bulk of the elite guards and acolytes. A final confrontation with the High Priest and Dark Knight of Takhisis leads to party victory.

Slaves are freed, Temple complex looted, party and caravan head west out of the moors then south, towards Telicton.

Session 6
Undead Unpleasantness

The Necromancer’s Tower

Party assaults the Necromancer’s Tower. An apprentice to Salius, the wizard who started the War of Bones, has a tower within the moors. Not heard from in over 20 years this necromancer eventually transformed himself into a Wraith, turning his own apprentice into a Flame Skull, Protected by a sizable force of Specters, Shadows, Wights, Skeletons, and Zombies, the undead force was confronted by the party.

The black robe wizard, Hogan Wolfkeeper, parlayed with Wight sentries, pretending to be an investigator for the Towers on the status of the necromancer. Failing to have a writ the wights and other undead attacked. After a series of pitched battles the undead were defeated and the party looted the tower and its dungeons.

Within the treasures the party encounters two messages on scrolls. These two appear to be from a common source, someone of significant rank within the City of Xak Tsaroth, providing information to the necromancer regarding troop movements. This is believed related to the great ambush a generation ago that destroyed a large part of the armed might of Tsarothelm as it marched to join the War of Bones.

Party opts to return to Telic Keep for rest, resupply, and selling of loot. Party knights contemplate informing their superiors (and family members, for the Wolfkeeper contingent) of the information recovered.

Party plans to return to the moors in short-order and parlay with a kobold tribe in the hills due north of the moors in an attempt to gain their aid against the Dark Temple.

Sessions 4 and 5
Ever Deeper Into the Moors

Aghar Community, Trouble With Fiends

Party travels further into the moors, heading towards a community of Gully Dwarves they were informed of by the half-ogre bodyguard of the wizard. This Aghar community resides in a ruined village with a nearby ruined keep.

Gully Dwarves report losing many of their number to the ruins, as those who enter never return. Investigating, party discovers an underground dungeon. First level consists of traps, constructs, and elemental type creatures. Second level consists of fiends. After a pitched, hard fought battle, the party destroys all save one fiend who surrenders. In exchange for information the fiend maps out the hot points within the Moors, including the lair of a necromancer and the location of the Dark Temple to Takhisis.

Party Ranger rejoins the group, tracking them to the ruins. Entering the ruins he is ambushed by a Mimic. A pitched battle follows with the death of the mimic. This is believed the likely culprit in the disappearance of the gully dwarves.

Party then heads out to confront the nearby goblin tribe. The goblins, recognizing the slayers of their longtime Bullywug foes, are very cooperative. Seeking no violence they provide what information they can on the inhabitants and goings on within the moors. Party leaves them in peace heading towards the ruins of the necromancer.

Session 3
Destruction of the Bullywugs

Destruction of the Bullywug tribe.

Party travel into the southern Moors and encounters the Bullywugs. Bullywug scouts are killed with party in pursuit. Bullywug warriors on giant frogs and on foot assault within the swamp but are repulsed by the party. Pursued, few survive to reach the Bullywug village.

Party approaches the village and launches attack eradicating the last of the warriors and many of the inhabitants. The few survivors are allowed to flee into the swamp. Party loots the village, setting it ablaze, and then returns to Telic Keep.

Test of High Sorcery for Hogan Wolfkeeper
Forging of a Dark Wizard

Test of High Sorcery for Hogan Wolfkeeper.

The Test is conducted at Telic Keep during the night, the wizard is not aware the Test is occurring.

First encounter is believed by the Mage to have occurred weeks before. In this scene Hogan meets with Jeffrey the Red, his private instructor, who informs him that a wizard from the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas has arrived to see him for a pre Test evaluation. This is a Red Robe Wizard named Antimones who confronts the wizard with tests of knowledge and skill in an academic-type environment. First scene was actually played out during the first session of the campaign.

Next scene is a test of Morality and was played out during the second session of the campaign. Imp on a rope—Black robe Darhin, apprentice to Kiladast, master of the Black Robes, brings the messenger imp from the first session on an enchanted leash. On this leash the Imp may not attack, flee, or use its abilities. He is brought under the pretense that Kiladast is furious with his servant for causing problems for the young wizard and is granting the initiate wizard an opportunity for vengeance. Wizard has untill sunrise to deal with the Imp as desired. He brings in his brother, both of whom proceed to torture and eventually dispatch the imp. This second scene was actually played out during the second session of the campaign.

Final scene tests devotion to the Orders of High Sorcery versus devotion to family. This scene plays out at Telic Keep. Within the Test the wizard’s younger sister, Brielle, comes to keep and displays wild sorcery. Retreating to her quarters, Wolfkeeper brothers follow. Darhin returns as an inquisitor to destroy this wild-magic user. After negotiating with Darhin, the Wizard agrees to slay her. Approaching for an embrace to console the frightened girl he impales her with a dagger instead. Standing over her body, the body of her governess, and the the body of his fallen brother (believed killed by Darhin) the wizard faces guards breaking down the door to the girl’s room. Arrested, he is taken to the castle dungeon to await trial. Utilizing his position as a noble, the lordling is prepared to utilize his family name and his status as a noble to escape prosecution.

Test concludes as Darhin and Antimones approach the wizard’s cell to review his situation and reasoning. He passes the Test of High Sorcery earning his Black Robes. He is allowed special dispensation to continue aiding his brother in his quest instead of immediately reporting for apprenticeship.

Session 3 began immediately following the conclusion of the test.

Session 2
First foray into the Schalland Moors.

Against the Brigands


The Klar clan Mountain Dwarf Ragnor joins the party.

Schalland Moors

Party enters the southern Schalland Moors, following trail of those who assaulted the Plainsmen Ranger. Party discovers a sizable encampment of brigands that have been raiding the Sageway for months.

The party’s approach is detected and a welcoming band of warriors led by a large half-ogre intercept. Defeating this group, the party takes several prisoners and gets the mercenary half-ogre to assist in assaulting the brigand encampment.

Staging a daring raid upon their camp, the party dispatches the criminals. Many of the remaining brigands are captured. Party discovers that the leader of the bandits is advised by a Cleric of Hiddukul, who briefly participates in the fight but escapes.

Party rescues numerous prisoners and recovers a large haul of treasure. They learn that prisoners have been sold to servants of Takhisis who travel to the encampment from further north within the moors. The party wizard, Khalland Wolfkeeper, decides to hire one of the brigands as a bodyguard—the burly half ogre. Party returns to Telic keep to sell and rest.

Session 1
Protagonists Assemble

Prophecies Revealed, The Story Begins.

Xak Tsaroth

At the Temple of Gilean in Xak Tsaroth, Khanaan Wolfkeeper, Knight of the Sword, receives a prophecy from the High Priest of Zivilyn about his pending quest to enter the Order of the Rose. That prophecy: “Above the wise road amongst the reeds lairs the Knight of Dark Vows, in Armor Obsidian, with sigil of Winged Beast of old, plotting foul things. A great unbalancing approaches if you fail to face him.”

Hogan Wolfkeeper, elder twin to Khanaan, later in town is visited by an Imp messenger from the Tower of High Sorcery at Palanthas. Imp publicly calls attention to the meeting turning the populace nearby against the young mage. The Minotaur Faros de-Ranos offers to protect the mage and the monk of Gilean, Marsk, joins to aid in the quest.

These three proceed to travel east down the Sageway highway towards Telic Keep, in preparation to fulfill the quest and prophecy.


Within Telicton the Sword Knight Murray Redhawks receives a vision from Paladine about dark threats lurking in the swamp. Is instructed to root them out but not until further assistance arrives. Scouting out the boundary of the Schalland Moors, Murray saves the life of the Plainsmen scout Cain.

Returning to Telic Keep the entire party meets up, makes introductions, and prepares to enter the moors.


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